About Us

About Us

About Us

Beyond Cruises, a division of Group IST, retains the same passion that we have had since our inception: an alchemy that blends enriching oneself educationally and exploring the true identity of a destination, while enjoying the comforts and unique benefits of a small ship sailing the seas.

Today, Beyond Cruises has grown to operate 11 Mega Yachts and Motor Sailers. Our small ships currently serve handpicked cruise destinations worldwide including Cuba, Greece, Iceland, Dubai, the Adriatic Sea, the Seychelles, and Kenya, with more to come!

We look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our ships and taking you on a unique journey that will exceed your expectations.


Beyond Cruises by Group IST, a pioneer in combining innovative and exciting cultural programs with small ship cruising, provides a unique experience for our passengers, as well as superior accommodations on one of our state of the art Mega Yachts. An ample crew to passenger ratio ensures that each guest receives the utmost care and service from our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Every aspect of your trip will be managed, with strict attention to detail and personal satisfaction, by our devoted team, from the reservation agents, to the operations personnel, to the on board cruise directors.

Small ship cruising enables our passengers to truly experience their destinations. Avoid the throngs of thousands of passengers found on large cruise ships, and the interminable lines that accompany them. Instead, reach ports only accessible to smaller ships and visit sites off the beaten track which, in many cases, are only available to small groups. Delve into each locale under the supervision of our adept tour guides, many of whom have personal ties to that destination. Gain cultural familiarity in each new port by interacting with the locals and dining in local restaurants. 

Recently, Beyond Cruises has expanded its reach to new and exciting destinations. Witness the stunning natural beauty of the Seychelles and the historically sculpted Dalmatian Coast. Get in touch with your wild side on a safari in Kenya or journey to the past in Cuba. Be awed by natural wonders and man-made marvels in Dubai or explore the diverse landscape of Iceland. Whichever destination you choose, our promise to remain faithful to excellent experiential tours aboard small ships ensures that Beyond Cruises will take you beyond your expectations.


  • Private Yacht Cruise Experience
  • Boutique-size yachts that dock right in the heart of destinations that large ships cannot reach
  • Carefully crafted itineraries focused on the destination
  • Ample leisure time in each port including overnights
  • Mediterranean fusion cuisine with a strong local influence depending on the destination
  • Personalized service on board provided by experienced and finely trained crew
  • Small group shore excursions – Immersion in the destination
  • Swimming platforms allowing guests to swim, snorkel, kayak and more