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Welcome to Beyond Cruises by Group IST

Our unique programs are designed to provide a spectacular combination of cultural and experiential tours, together with the comforts and personal attention available only on small ship cruising vessels.  Each one of our ships has been designed to provide comfortable quarters and well-furnished common areas.

The size of our ships allows us to access smaller ports that larger ships cannot, and offers onboard experiences, such as on-deck barbecues, that are not possible with larger groups. Our cruise directors and expert guides, often native to the destination you will be visiting, are well informed and knowledgeable about the history, culture, and customs of the ports served.

Our programs can be custom tailored for small groups, incentives, and for celebrating special occasions.

Perhaps more important is what not to expect:

  • Long lines for getting on and off the ship
  • Extra charges for every excursion – most shore activities are included
  • Arriving in port along with 1000 – 2000 other passengers swarming the souvenir shops
  • Spending more time on the ship than in the place you want to visit

Beyond Cruises believes in and practices responsible tourism, as well as nature conservancy.  We do not throw waste into the oceans and take care to leave the destinations we visit as pristine as we can. Our vessels do not destroy coral reefs nor natural sea life, and our program managers make sure that our guests do not trample, burn or leave garbage in parks, wetlands, or any areas being preserved for wildlife or human conservation.

Beyond Cruises by Group IST is a wonderful mix of adventure, culture, relaxation and memorable moments.

Welcome aboard!

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